Hazelnut Hero: Holm Made Toffee

Toffee has been a tradition in the Holm family for more than 30 years. This love of toffee, which first began as a treat to give to family

Hazelnut holiday gift guide

The holiday season is upon us. Decorations are up, lights are twinkling and snow has begun blanketing much of the U.S. While social gatherings may be a little

Hazelnut Hero: Premium Growers

Oregon soil is in their blood. For the founding members of Premium Growers, their connection to the land they grew up on and work to this day is

Grower Highlight: The Sinn Family

The Sinn family is a prime example of what some patience, grit and dedication can bring to those who pursue a life in the hazelnut industry. Dean Sinn

Giving thanks for a record year

We have so much to be thankful for as the 2020 hazelnut harvest comes to a close. 2020 has been a roller coaster ride. In September, the Oregon

Harvest is here!

Hazelnut harvest is finally here! For us, it’s the most wonderful time of the year–the time when countless hours of hard work and sacrifice finally pay off. After

Prepping for harvest

Hazelnut harvest is almost here! As the calendar turns to September, hazelnut farmers are prepping their field equipment and gearing up for what could be a monumental harvest.

Grower Highlight: John and Carol Sullivan

Filacres, a seventy-acre property located on the McKenzie Highway in Vida, Oregon, has one of the longest and most unique histories of any hazelnut orchard; the property began

A brief history of Oregon hazelnuts

Hazelnuts have become synonymous with Oregon and Oregon agriculture; take a trek down Interstate 5 through the Willamette Valley and you’ll see hazelnut orchards lining the roadway from

Grower Highlight: Dan and JoAnn Keeley

The Oregon hazelnut industry is really more of a community—a community of growers who help each other out, share ideas and work toward the common goal of sustainably

Summer in the orchards

Ah, summertime! Just like the rest of us love the heat and long days, hazelnut farmers relish the summer days. Each season plays its own unique role in