Signature Flavor

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There is no other nut on the planet that can compare to the signature flavor of an Oregon hazelnut. Hazelnuts already boast that unparalleled robust, nutty flavor. They are incomparable when roasted or mixed with chocolate. They add the perfect crunch to a salad or pan of Brussels sprouts. Even new horizons are being explored with hazelnuts.

We recently capped off our 2020 Recipe Contest with Flavor and the Menu magazine. We were astounded to see the exciting exploratory recipes being created all across the country and utilizing Oregon hazelnuts. While hazelnuts are distinct among the nut world, Oregon hazelnuts stand a little higher with their signature flavor. Thanks to the combination of an ideal climate, fantastic soils and the dedication of hardworking farmers, Oregon hazelnuts have become the standard-bearer for hazelnuts worldwide; an Oregon hazelnut simply tastes better.

In our April blog, we highlight a few of our recipes that highlight that signature flavor in a variety of ways.

Heavenly Bowl

Recipes don’t come more customize-able and delicious than these Heavenly Bowls. Start with the Heavenly Sauce (where you will find the hazelnuts) and the rice for a base, but the rest is really up to you. Our recipe provides some recommendations, but don’t be afraid to use your imagination and create your own heavenly dinner.

Green Beans with Hazelnuts and Thyme

Chopped and roasted hazelnuts add the crunch to this bowl of green beans. Thanks to the versatility of hazelnuts and their ability to be just as savory as they are sweet, they pair well with the bold seasoning of thyme and Dijon mustard accentuating this dish.

Earl Grey Cookies

These cookies are coated in delicious finely chopped hazelnuts and studded with small bits of floral Earl Grey tea. They are best paired alongside a steaming cup of the tea to bring out their bright flavors.