Grower Highlight: The Sinn Family

The Sinn family is a prime example of what some patience, grit and dedication can bring to those who pursue a life in the hazelnut industry. Dean Sinn

Grower Highlight: John and Carol Sullivan

Filacres, a seventy-acre property located on the McKenzie Highway in Vida, Oregon, has one of the longest and most unique histories of any hazelnut orchard; the property began

Grower Highlight: Dan and JoAnn Keeley

The Oregon hazelnut industry is really more of a community—a community of growers who help each other out, share ideas and work toward the common goal of sustainably

Grower Highlight: The Chambers Family

Rod Chambers knows agriculture; over the last 60 years he has spent his whole life growing nearly every signature Oregon crop—vegetables, vegetable seeds, grass seed and now hazelnuts.

Grower Highlight: The Bruck Family

Nestled in the among picturesque forests and valleys near the Willamette River in Wilsonville, Oregon, lies an oasis that evokes classic image of rural America. For five generations,

Grower Highlight: The Horning Family

The Horning family knows farming. For three generations, the family has been growing a little bit of everything on their Corvallis, Oregon acreage. Steve Horning, his wife, Krissy,

Grower Highlight: Jeff Newton

Jeff Newton is an outlier in the Oregon hazelnut world. In an industry decorated with farms passed down through the generations, Newton was the polar opposite. Nonetheless, he

Grower Highlight: The Chapin Family

The U.S. hazelnut industry is built on multi-generational family farms. With trees and orchards that can produce for more than 60 years, the labors of one generation can

Grower Highlight: Cathy Bisset

Cathy Bisset knows hard work. She has been married for 31 years, raised three children and is a business owner; she understands the importance of diligence and dedication.

Grower Highlight: Goodpasture Farms

In fewer than 100 years, hazelnuts have gone from an unknown crop to Oregon’s State Nut. It took the dedication, diligence and risk from a few farm families