Hazelnut Marketing Board

The Hazelnut Marketing Board (HMB) was established in 1949 by the growers and handlers of hazelnuts. It is governed by the Federal Hazelnut Marketing Order §982 and funded by a per ton assessment to the handlers. The purpose of the HMB is fourfold:

  1. First, it sets quality standards for the industry; all product going into a channel of trade must be inspected. In addition, all imported product must meet U.S. standards.
  2. Second, it is the source of hazelnut industry statistics for the U.S.
  3. Third, it provides funding for promotion of hazelnuts through research, education and promotion programs.
  4. Fourth, it allows handlers to implement volume control when the board determines it is in the best interest of the industry.

Membership includes four handlers, five growers representing different geographic areas and one public member. The Hazelnut Marketing Board seeks individuals with diverse backgrounds in its committee makeup. Their intent is to keep the system democratic by having candidates that represent different geographic areas, and to let all growers and handlers have a chance to participate without regard to race, sex or physical ability. Board members serve two-year terms.

Oregon Hazelnut Commission

The Oregon Hazelnut Commission (OHC) is a Commodity Commission and agency of the State of Oregon under the Oregon Department of Agriculture. It was formed by legislative action in 1951. The charge of the OHC is to provide production research for the hazelnut industry. Members are appointed by the Director of Agriculture and include seven growers and one public member. Funding for the Commission is a per ton assessment determined by and collected from the growers via the handlers.

Nut Growers Society of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia

The Nut Growers Society (NGS) is a membership organization made up of growers and others interested in supporting the hazelnut industry. NGS membership is $100 per year. The governing board is made up of five growers, plus an ex-officio extension agent and industry staff. This group is the information arm of the industry, providing feedback to growers from both the Hazelnut Marketing Board (HMB) and the Oregon Hazelnut Commission (OHC).

NGS sends four newsletters per year and coordinates the two signature events on the Oregon hazelnut calendar. The annual Summer Tour features orchard tours, educational seminars and a trade show. The annual Winter Meeting is held in Corvallis at Oregon State University (OSU) and features presentations, research reports and a trade show. In addition, NGS works cooperatively with OSU Extension to provide smaller educational meetings on many grower topics. The society activities provide opportunity for growers to gather and discuss what does and what does not work in the orchard. This interaction is paramount to the success of the industry. NGS also publishes an annual Growers Handbook that includes a recap of the year’s activities, a grower guide, industry history and a roster of growers and industry vendors.

Associated Oregon Hazelnut Industries

This is a voluntary group made up of growers and handlers who deal with legislative and political issues that may impact the industry, but may not be under the purview of the other industry organizations. This group is funded with contributions on an as needed basis and is administered by the executive director of the industry office.