Hazelnut Hero: Salt & Straw

It takes a special kind of vision, a special kind of energy, to go from starting an ice cream company to starting thee ice cream company. Cousins Kim

Micropropagation Explained

Nurserymen are the gatekeepers for the Oregon hazelnut industry. They source the trees from Oregon State University and sell them to local growers. Many nurserymen sell trees as

Hazelnut Meal Explained

Wheat flour alternatives are popping up on store shelves left and right, and for those seeking a little hazelnutty flavor in their gluten-free flours, we have the solution.

Hazelnut Hero: Ash Creek Hazelnuts

Ash Creek Hazelnuts are relatively new to the hazelnut scene, planting its first orchard in 2011. But the family farmers wasted no time establishing themselves as a marquee

Celebrating June Dairy Month with Hazelnuts

June is recognized nationwide as Dairy Month–a month to celebrate all the hardworking dairy farmers, their cattle and the delicious ways dairy makes its to our tables. Oregon

Shaking up hazelnuts with Burgerville

Since opening its first restaurant in Vancouver, Washington, in 1961 Burgerville has proudly connected Northwest farmers, ranchers and food producers to happy eaters. With headquarters still in Vancouver,

Hazelnut oil explained

The list of ways to use hazelnuts is seemingly always growing. Chefs, food innovators and hazelnuts processors are all exploring new ways to incorporate that distinct hazelnut flavor.

Care for your heart with hazelnuts

February is American Heart Month–a time when we are all reminded to live a lifestyle that treats our heart a little better. A key component of this healthy

What is winter pollination?

We all know hazelnuts are unique and special, but did you know how truly rare the life cycle of a hazelnut tree is? In the arboriculture world, hazelnuts

Hazelnut Hero: Holm Made Toffee

Toffee has been a tradition in the Holm family for more than 30 years. This love of toffee, which first began as a treat to give to family

Hazelnut Hero: Premium Growers

Oregon soil is in their blood. For the founding members of Premium Growers, their connection to the land they grew up on and work to this day is

Grower Highlight: The Sinn Family

The Sinn family is a prime example of what some patience, grit and dedication can bring to those who pursue a life in the hazelnut industry. Dean Sinn