Lillie Belle Farms makes chocolate dreams come true

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Lillie Belle Farms started 20 years ago on a small berry farm in Jacksonville. The company was started as a way to use homegrown raspberries, which led to artisanal raspberry truffles and raspberry filled chocolates; the chocolates were smash hits at local farmers markets and everything blossomed from there. Two decades and a move to Oregon later and Lillie Belle Farms has become a staple of chocolate fans across the Pacific Northwest and the world.

Lillie Belle Farms began incorporating hazelnuts soon after its founding and settling in Oregon, and as the company describes it, “the decision was a no brainer with the quality of hazelnuts grown in Oregon.” Lillie Belle Farms credits the success of the hazelnut and chocolate combination to the separate richness of both, and both with flavors that explode.

They like to make everything from scratch and always start with raw. products. This means Lillie Belle Farms starts with raw hazelnuts, sourced from a local farm, and roasts the nuts themselves. The current product line includes nut chews,  hazelnut butter cream and one of their signature items, “The Most Awesome Chocolate Bar EVER.”

They also craft a bar called “The Oregon Hazelnut Bar;” it is a riff on the classic Italian gianduja, which is a method of grinding chocolate and hazelnuts together for a long period of time to make a solid bar that tastes like roasted hazelnuts but is still super smooth. They also throw in caramelized pieces to give it a crunch!

Lillie Belle chocolates can be found on their website, at their chocolate shop in Central Point, Oregon or at select shops around the region.