Hazelnut Hero: Holm Made Toffee

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Toffee has been a tradition in the Holm family for more than 30 years. This love of toffee, which first began as a treat to give to family and friends, has now grown into one of Oregon’s signature artisanal hazelnut treats.

Donna Holm has been the matriarch of the family toffee business since day one. In 2007, Donna retired and shortly thereafter lost her husband; she needed something to bring her happiness and keep her hands and mind busy. Her daughter-in-law, Randi, began working along side Donna, and eventually left the corporate world in 2013 to work full time in the toffee business. With Donna and Randi leading the way, Holm Made Toffee went to the next level.

Originally, the toffee was made with almonds; however, with their focus on using Pacific Northwest ingredients, hazelnuts became the favored nut due to their availability in Oregon. Since that day, hazelnuts have been the only nut included in Holm Made Toffee. All 12 of their toffee flavors include hazelnuts. In addition, the Holm’s offer Sweet and Savory Roasted Hazelnuts, Holiday Spice Roasted Hazelnuts and Lil’ Bits Dessert and Baking Toppers.

From that modest beginning nearly 15 years ago, Holm Made Toffee has become a bonified confectionary institution. The company originally retailed their products at local farmers markets and regional festivals; over time they found their niche and core customer base. Word spread and in the ensuing decade Holm Made Toffee would spread to more than 500 retail partners in 48 states.

While the growth has been fantastic, the Holm Made Toffee team continues to emphasize engagement and involvement with their local community. They aim to be active with local events and fundraisers; the Holm family strives to always be true to their roots.

In spite of the tough times, Holm Made Toffee took a great leap forward in 2020. They got creative and brought more new flavors to the marketplace in seven months than they had in the previous seven years. They have also added more hazelnut products and gift boxes that incorporate items from other local companies.

To shop their full product line or find retail locations, visit the Holm Made Toffee website.