Pacific Foods sets the standard for hazelnut beverages

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When Pacific Foods opened its doors in 1987, the Oregon-based company set out to make healthy, great-tasting foods and beverages through ethical practices for both the people they’re making them, and this planet we call home. Pacific offers a variety of nourishing, all-natural products, such as broths and bone broths, soothing soups, and the widest range of plant-based beverages available, including three delicious hazelnut varieties: Hazelnut Original, Hazelnut Unsweetened Original, and Hazelnut Chocolate.

From the start, the brand carefully and sustainably creates every carton of beverage with the commitment to source non-GMO foods from trusted suppliers. Pacific believes the closer to home, the better when it comes to sourcing. In fact, nearly half of Pacific’s ingredients, including most of its hazelnuts, come from trusted Oregon growers.

When Pacific added hazelnut beverages, they were looking for a unique and delicious dairy-alternative, and hazelnuts are a local ingredient. Hazelnut’s subtle, nutty flavor with a delicious, roasted taste captivates consumers. Fans enjoy the beverages on their own or used in recipes like baked goods, specifically since they pair well with chocolate for an indulgent treat.

Most recently, Pacific launched an Unsweetened Hazelnut Beverage and continues to focus on distribution growth of existing items. The entire line as well as other plant-based beverage offerings are sold throughout the U.S. and Canada online and in grocery and natural food stores. For more information, visit