Hazelnut Hero: Ash Creek Hazelnuts

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Ash Creek Hazelnuts are relatively new to the hazelnut scene, planting its first orchard in 2011. But the family farmers wasted no time establishing themselves as a marquee retail hazelnut company. Nestled next to the Ash Creek near Monmouth, Oregon–hence the name–the owners wanted to raise a crop that would be healthier and better for the environment. They grew fond of hazelnuts, and friends and family soon developed the same affinity after sampling the snacks Ash Creek was producing.
Ash Creek Hazelnuts began with a small plot of Jefferson trees quickly rose to nearly 500 acres of Jefferson, Yamhill and PollyO trees; all three hazelnut varieties are exceptional options for producing the world’s best snacking hazelnuts.
They started experimenting in 2018 just with gifts for friends and family. The positive feedback led them to thinking they may have an exceptional product they could take to market. It wasn’t long until a full-scale retail line was born. Their signature item is the double-dipped chocolate covered hazelnuts; according to the Ash Creek team, the trick is to create the perfect chocolate-to-nut ratio that does not cover up the bold and beautiful flavor of a hazelnut.
Ash Creek Hazelnuts packages their products in a standard plastic pouch or a burlap bag, which is great for a gift. They also prioritize working locally and supporting fellow Oregonians–from processing to suppliers to web design and marketing. They are currently in over 250 online and retail boutique stores and gift basket companies across the country. Online orders can also be made directly from their website, ashcreekoregon.com.