FINE & RAW Showcase Craftsmanship with Hazelnuts and Chocolate

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Hazelnuts are sometimes considered a Pacific Northwest delicacy in the United States, and for good reason; 99 percent of all hazelnuts grown in the U.S. come from Oregon. However, the influence of the best hazelnuts on the planet is spreading. More and more companies nationwide are discovering the benefits of using hazelnuts in their products. Oregon hazelnuts have even found their way into the artisan chocolate shops of New York City, namely FINE & RAW chocolates.

FINE & RAW began in Brooklyn and quickly established favor among local restaurants and shops. One of the keys to their success was the dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world. When it comes to hazelnuts, that meant looking to Oregon. FINE & RAW began using Oregon hazelnuts in 2014 and now use approximately 500-1,000 pounds per year.

They generally stone grind the hazelnuts into a butter and then mix them into one of several chocolate products: infused into chocolate bars, drizzled over chocolate bars, in chocolate truffles and as the centerpiece of their chocolate hazelnut butter spread.

A trademark of FINE & RAW is that they use coconut sugar to sweeten their chocolates. The slight caramel flavor of this sugar will pair beautifully with hazelnuts in one of their anticipated new products, a sweet hazelnut butter jar.

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