Elmhurst Dairy Goes Hazelnut

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Elmhurst knows milk. For nearly 100 years, the New York-based company has been producing milk. However, in 2016, they made a radical change to their entire company — they converted their traditional dairy operation to all plant-based. In the short time since this change, Elmhurst has rapidly expanded their product line, including Oregon hazelnut milk.

The plant-based milk market is relatively new for the hazelnut industry, but Elmhurst is among a handful of companies who have thrived. With the robust, smooth flavor of hazelnuts rising to the top, Elmhurst’s hazelnut milk succeeds with just two ingredients — hazelnuts and water.

Through the use of a patented process known as HydroRelease, Elmhurst is able to separate and draw out the nutrients from nuts, grains and seeds to produce a naturally smooth and creamy beverage that does not need any emulsifiers and thickeners. Furthermore, the beverage does not have any added sugars or artificial flavors.

For Elmhurst, the hazelnuts are the stars. Without any additives, that means there are more Oregon hazelnuts packed into every bottle. The bottles are also shelf stable, thus don’t need to be refrigerated until opened.

Elmhurst sells hazelnut milk via their online store as individual one-quart cartons or as part of a variety pack with their cashew, almond, walnut and oat milks.