For consumer use, hazelnuts can generally be found in most grocery stores along with the other tree nuts. If you are after a 25# box of kernels that you can divide up for gift giving or store in your freezer, you may want to visit the list of retailers on our site. If you are after wholesale amounts or need to have product imported from the U.S. to your country, just go to the wholesale supplier list.

Hazelnuts can be purchased in the shell or as kernels. Further processing provides nuts that are roasted, diced, or made into meal, paste or butter. Specialty shops add candy coatings and provide other products such as hazelnut pancake mix. Any form you choose will provide you with the wonderful flavor of hazelnut…that pairs so well with everything from salads to chocolate. Enjoy!


Hazelnut shells burn at a very high temperature and therefore most are used in the production of fuels like fireplace logs. However, they also make a terrific landscape cover. They last a very long time, deter weeds and are beautiful. Visit our handlers that offer shells to hear more about a myriad of uses!