The hazelnut industry is inherently sustainable with the first orchard planted  (1905) still producing over 100 years later.  Even so, growers and handlers created the Hazelnut Sustainability Initiative in 2010.

For hazelnut growers the definition of Sustainability is:

“Balancing economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social responsibility for the current and future generations of hazelnut growers.”

Five modules have been created.  They are the Soil & Nutrient Management, Pest Management, Ecosystem Management, Neighbors & Community and Economic Viability.  They are created in a self assessment form and the industry will work together to get all growers involved in the project.  For new growers, the information created will be a very helpful guide to hazelnut production.
If you are a grower and would like to access the online sustainability program click here

Self Assessment Workbook

If you are interested in obtaining a Sustainability workbook rather than using our on-line system, please call the office at 503.678.6823 or email The assessment can be done on your own time and results will be combined with all others to form an industry average for many important practices.