Oregon Hazelnuts are available in a wide variety of forms or processors can customize to individual specifications. In addition to product in the shell, availability includes:

Form Description Function Trends & Usage
Clean, dry, in the shell. Longer shelf life. Snacking whole or partially cracked.
Whole Natural Whole kernel – brown skin intact. Nut recognition, coat with candy / chocolate. Snack, confectionery, bakery.
Whole Roasted Roasted – skins more loose. Flavor intensified. Snack, confectionery, bakery, garnish.
Diced, natural or roasted Size from small to large (approx.1/16″ – 3/8″) Even distribution, uniform intensified flavor, crunchy texture and appearance Bakery, artisan breads, confectionery, entrees, salads, soups, encrusting,cereals, bars, toppings, dairy products.
Whole & Broken (Pieces) Whole kernels, halves and pieces.
Sliced Whole kernels sliced lengthwise. Decorating cakes, cookies, pastries, candies.
Meal Finely ground, free flowing. Flour replacer, binding and flavoring agent. Bakery, fillings & sauces, low carb foods, health foods, confectionery, ice cream.
Hazelnut Butter
Finely ground nuts. Consistency similar to natural peanut butter; unsweetened. (25 +or- 5 microns) Adds flavor, richness & protein, lowers melting point of chocolate for creamy texture, replaces carbohydrates. Bakery, dairy, yogurt, icings, fillings, toppings, variegates, truffles, tortes, background flavor.
Hazelnut Paste
Finely ground nuts. Sugar added; spreadable but grainy. Light, medium or dark roast. Adds body, sweetness, flavor & moisture. Lowers melting point of chocolate for creamy texture. Bakery icings and fillings, confectionery, dairy.