Grower Highlight: The Chambers Family

Rod Chambers knows agriculture; over the last 60 years he has spent his whole life growing nearly every signature Oregon crop—vegetables, vegetable seeds, grass seed and now hazelnuts.

Premium Quality

Oregon hazelnuts are known in the global marketplace for three distinct traits: Signature Flavor, Premium Quality, Uniquely Oregon. Hazelnuts from The Beaver State are unparalleled and in this

Grower Highlight: The Bruck Family

Nestled in the among picturesque forests and valleys near the Willamette River in Wilsonville, Oregon, lies an oasis that evokes classic image of rural America. For five generations,

Signature Flavor

There is no other nut on the planet that can compare to the signature flavor of an Oregon hazelnut. Hazelnuts already boast that unparalleled robust, nutty flavor. They

Elmhurst Dairy Goes Hazelnut

Elmhurst knows milk. For nearly 100 years, the New York-based company has been producing milk. However, in 2016, they made a radical change to their entire company —

Grower Highlight: The Horning Family

The Horning family knows farming. For three generations, the family has been growing a little bit of everything on their Corvallis, Oregon acreage. Steve Horning, his wife, Krissy,

Springtime in the Orchard

Spring is slowly starting to, well, spring in Oregon. The Willamette Valley is traditionally very rainy from late October through March before tapering into beautiful summer days. We

Hazelnuts for Your Heart

February is all about the heart. Of course, we all know it is Valentine’s Day. We have included a few of our recipes to impress your sweetheart during

Grower Highlight: Jeff Newton

Jeff Newton is an outlier in the Oregon hazelnut world. In an industry decorated with farms passed down through the generations, Newton was the polar opposite. Nonetheless, he

Hazelnuts: Uniquely Oregon

Hazelnuts are uniquely Oregon; no other place on earth can grow hazelnuts that match the quality, size and flavor profile of those grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley; 99

Grower Highlight: The Chapin Family

The U.S. hazelnut industry is built on multi-generational family farms. With trees and orchards that can produce for more than 60 years, the labors of one generation can