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National Pi Day Instagram Sweepstakes!

We’re celebrating upcoming National Pi Day (3.14) with…you guessed it: pies! Oregon hazelnuts are perfect for pies, whether baked into the crust, as filling, or crumbled on top.

Hazelnut Happenings

Oregon’s hazelnut harvest has ended. As growers repair machinery, tidy the orchard floor and recover from the hectic season, Oregon’s prized nuts begin their journey from orchard to

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We love using Nancy’s Yogurt and Oregon berries in our #SmoothieBowls and then topping them with Oregon Hazelnuts! Starting today (June 30), through Sunday (July 2), we’re partnering with Eugene,

Happy Hazelnut Harvest!

This year’s hazelnut harvest started early for some due to warmer temperatures, but has been met with success. Early August estimates projected this year’s crop would amount to 38,000

He Sells These Shells

It used to be that you would sit down with a bowl of nuts, and crack them by hand one at a time. Each kernel a reward for

Happy St. Philibert’s Day!

It’s an age-old question among Oregonians: are they called hazelnuts or filberts? According to European folklore, early filbert crops would ripen around August 22th, the feast day of

Summer in the Orchards

For many of Oregon’s staple crops, summer is a time of abundance. Juicy strawberries are harvested in June, followed by blueberries, raspberries, peaches, tomatoes, and more. For hazelnuts,

Spring in the Orchards

Meet Brenda Frketich of Kirsch Family Farms, third generation farmer and fourth generation Oregonian. Brenda and her family have been growing hazelnuts on their Willamette Valley farm since

Celebrate Oregon Agriculture with Hazelnuts

With over 37,000 family farms and ranches in Oregon, we’re honored to produce one of our state’s prized products! To celebrate the bounty of Oregon agriculture during National

Winter in the Orchards

Winter is a time when many of us slow down and keep cover, but hazelnut growers know all too well that there is always work to be done.